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What can you use Naviance for?


The procedure of college admissions has undergone a sea of change over the past few decades. The internet is one of the main reasons for the transformation. Close behind are the diverse courses, career options and the overabundance of colleges and universities. They add to the complexity of the whole process.

Naviance helps make higher education admissions a wee bit simpler for students and parents. Naviance is an online tool that enables students, parents and counselors to work together to make the best career and college choices. High school teachers and counselors can also use the software program to track and examine information furnished by students in relation to their college and career plans.

If you’re new to Naviance, don’t worry. We will walk you through the college and career readiness software called Naviance.

naviance student login

Naviance helps you do the following:

  • A personality check:

Knowing who you are, your interests and your expectations from life is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to selecting a college. Sadly, this is also the aspect we neglect the most.  Naviance helps students discover themselves.   By means of a personality assessment students are able to identify their strengths, their weaknesses and their areas of interest.

Accordingly they can look for career options and colleges that match not only their skills but also their requirements.

  • College Search:

Naviance puts college search at your fingertips.   It provides students with a list of colleges suited to the selected criteria or career interests. It also offers access to information such as admission rates, historical data of students who have been admitted in the past, how you compare to former students etc.  The record information enables students and parents to make an intelligent decision.  As a student, you can use Naviance to maintain a list of colleges you are considering.  You can also find information on specific colleges using their names.


  • Explore career options:

At Naviance, you can find a treasure of information on the various available careers and majors corresponding with your skills and interests.   If you are unaware of your interests, you can use the personality quizzes to find out.

  • Explore scholarship opportunities:

The rising costs of education bring in the necessity and importance of scholarships.  Naviance provides students with a list of scholarships and the criteria for application.


  • Organize and track your college application:

It helps you start planning for your college applications and career planning. Learn how to build a good resume. Take online surveys and manage deadlines.


  • College Research and visits:

You will also be entitled to access college research material.  Colleges visit schools on a regular basis. You can enquire about these sessions and enroll for them.  You can also sign up for summer and enrichment programs.

Naviance Login

You can use the Naviance student login to get connected today.  The Naviance link can be found on your high school website.  In case of any questions or queries, you should consult your counselor.

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