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Naviance:  Monitoring the Status of Transcripts

Before the advent of Naviance eDocs, transcripts, teacher recommendations and school profiles were stuffed into paper packets, stamped and posted to their desired destinations.  The task was not only tedious but also time consuming and costly. Also there have been cases that require a second and even a third round of transcript posting.

Naviance eDocs has simplified the process to a great extent. For students it boils down to a mere “Upload and Send”; a process that takes not more than 5 minutes. And for counselors who earlier used to spend hours processing applications and transcript, it means more interaction time with students.

Naviance eDocs has also increased procedural transparency. Counselors can track the forms that have been mailed and those that have been received. Students too can check the status of electronic transcripts and letters of recommendation. The question is how?

We will show you how you can monitor the status of transcripts. But before that, let’s brush up on the basics. We will start with creating your Naviance Log in.

naviance log in

A Quick Way to create your Naviance Log in

Start by opening up your web browser.  Go to your high school website.  Every high school connected with Naviance with display the Naviance Family Connection link.  Try to locate it on your high school website.

A tip: it is represented by an icon – star in a circle colored in blue, black and white. Written alongside is the word Naviance in capital letters. Click on the Naviance Family connections link. You will be directed to the Naviance log in page.

If you have not setup your account, you need to first register. On the Naviance log in page, there is a link “Are you a new user? I need to register”. Click the link. At the registration page, you have to enter your registration code. The registration code is provided by your high school counselor. Enter the code and Click register. You will be directed to another page where you have to type in an email address and choose a password. Read the terms and conditions and select “I agree”. Then, hit the “Complete registration” button. Following registration, your account is displayed.  You can check notices and the other tabs listed on the top.

Thereafter, you have to enter your email-id and your password on the Naviance log in page every time you want to access your account.

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Steps to Monitor the Status of Naviance Transcripts

Through Naviance eDocs, a student’s documents can be sent to numerous institutions at the same time. A student cannot view his original transcript. However, he can view the status of his application.

Log in to your account. On the top you will see tabs labeled College, Careers, Courses and My Planner. Click the “College” tab. There click the tab labeled “View the status of all my transcripts”.  The webpage displays a list of all the transcripts you have requested and will provide their current status.

If the counseling office has passed on a particular transcript, it will be labeled “Mailed” with a date. If the transcript has not yet been mailed, it will read as pending.

If you need a personal copy of the transcript, you will have to contact your counseling office for the same.

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