naviance family connection

Naviance family connection is a useful web based tool. The application is used by students, teachers and parents. The comprehensive tool has a huge myriad of interesting features. A large number of people are unaware of the intrinsic features hosted by Naviance. Read on to get a glimpse of top five less popular Naviance features.

The benefits of scattergram
A large number of schools rely on Naviance for data on school-level admissions. Scattergram is a special feature in Naviance that allows entities to load and download information from the website. Parents with a Naviance Family connection login will be allowed to get hold of their child’s admission status. The web page will indicate if the application was rejected, accepted or is placed in the waiting list. Scattergram is used for peer data sharing. The application will help you see the standardized test scores and results of students. Thus, you don’t need to go through the entire academic history of your child!

naviance family connection

The use of college call sheets
If you are a part of Naviance family connection, you will be allowed to get a glimpse of college call sheets. These sheets are maintained by school counselors. The college call sheet will give you an account of all the students who have applied for a specific college. As you view the call sheet, you will be ordained with a huge medley of information! The call sheet will allow you to make clear notes about your child’s rank, test scores and application status. To access the call sheet, you must log into Naviance Family Connection and go to the college’s profile.

Identifying supreme milestones of your child
Are you a busy parent with very little time for your children? If yes, you must get hold of a Naviance Family connection account. The customized login will send you automatic messages and reminders. These reminders will give you a brief outline of your child’s upcoming tasks and academic milestones. To get hold of personalized messages, you must confer Naviance with your e-mail address or mobile number. However, all students will receive a brief note about upcoming tasks and activities in Family Connection if the “Automated task reminder” option is set.

naviance student login

Building and administering surveys
With a Naviance Family Connection account, you can build and administer surveys. The surveys posted by other users and schools can be re-purposed and shared. If you are a budget conscious parent, you must make use of these surveys. To post surveys you must log into your Naviance account and select “Survey builder” in connections.

An interesting interface
Family Connection is an amazing interface with straightforward options. The website is apt for monitoring the performance of your child. The site could be used to abridge the gap between students, parents and educators. The service done by Naviance has helped parents keep track of their child’s academic performance. This has increased the number of successful high school past outs!

A key principle
Naviance Family Connection is void of superfluous charges. Thus, you don’t need to spend your hard earned money or priceless time, to monitor your child’s real scores!

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