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Naviance is a smart tool used by many students. The tool provides crucial information about schools, scholarships, colleges and internships. As you get hold of a Naviance Login, you will be allowed to acquire a huge myriad of information about various educational entities. Local schools in developed states and districts make use of the special tool to help their students. The schools use Naviance to communicate confidential information with parents. For example, schools use Naviance to direct parents through the whole process of “college admission”. Similarly, Naviance is a tool used by schools to publish the results of students.

Acquiring a valid username and password
To access information from the customized tool, you must have a Naviance Login and a password. Similarly, schools must have partnered with Naviance to post information on the website. The service cannot be accessed without a valid username and password. Though, schools are allowed to produce information without solicitation, you should have a Naviance Login to work with the service. To acquire a valid login ID and password, you should contact your school’s guidance counselor or the main office.

Naviance Login

Accessing your Profile
As you enter into the system, you will be allowed to select from a wide range of options. As you click on the link titled “About Me”, a new screen with your profile details would appear. From this window, you can access various information about your academic performance. For example, you can check your GPA and overall rank.

Applying to many colleges
Moreover, if you have a Naviance Login, you can research and apply to many colleges. The system is designed in a comprehensive manner. Students with the login are not expected to fill forms or meet guidance counselors. As you post a request in the website, your actual transcript will be sent to your login. Thus, you can view your actual transcript before you apply to a college.

naviance connection

naviance log in

naviance family connection

Checking the status of your transcripts
When you want to apply to multiple colleges, you must login into your Naviance account. Consequently, click on the tab marked as “Colleges”. This will open up a new window. In the new window select “View the status of my transcripts”. Following on, a new window with all the requests you have placed will be displayed. Here you can check on the status of each request. If the status states “Mailed”, you will be allowed to review your transcripts. Similarly, if the status states “Pending”, you will have to wait for the transcripts.

Secure details
Naviance Login information must be stored securely. The website is designed with a discreet notion. Information conveyed by the Naviance website must be kept safely. This is because the website gives a brief outline of your academic history. Moreover, universities rely on the information transferred by Naviance.

Using Naviance
Naviance is named as a college and career readiness platform. It connects colleges, students and parents. The site showcases the academic achievements of students. Details stored by the site are more precise and up to date. Thus, students with a Naviance login will find career planning and college selection a lot more easy.

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